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ALERT: Lukastech Blog Got A New Domain Name, Good Or Bad?
[Image: Lukastech-blog-logo.jpg]

Hello Friends,

Happy new month,

We the admins at Lukastech are saying a big thank you for staying behind with us despite the server issues we faced during the past weeks.

In case you're not aware, The site has been down for quite some weeks now and it has cost a lot on both sides which aren't friendly.

The main Issue is that we were working in getting a new domain and redirecting it to the former but the procedures became longer than we thought and there's actually nothing we can do but wait, however, we're back and stable.

We published this article to inform readers of new developments which have been made to the site.

Development is a good thing and it will be absolute ignorance if you don't know every move taken in one of your favourite tech blog in Nigeria.


The good news is that you can now visit instead of, irrespective of that, if you type in you'll be redirected to

I hope you like our new name? What's your take on this?? is a nice move?


It has come to our notice that not all of us have the android app installed on our mobile and that isn't a nice thing to hear.

Lukastech blog app will give you access to all the features you might need on the site, including Twitter integration, RSS Feed and More.


You can get the latest Lukastech Blog app from play store HERE or download from Google HERE.

N.B: If you have the previous version of the app installed, kindly update to the latest version.

Kindly drop your reviews via comment, we'll appreciate.

Enter your email address:

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Guy i love the design of your blog. You can check out my blog:

Believe me, you will love it!!
(11-03-2018, 12:17 PM)LatestJAMBNews Wrote:
Guy i love the design of your blog. You can check out my blog:

Believe me, you will love it!! 


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