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ALERT: Reason Why You Shouldn't Use Wordpress Nulled Plugins And Themes , See What Happened
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Am Desmond Co-founder and CEO of Africbase, due to low start up and income

Me and my brother was unable to buy premium Plugins and themes

We came across a theme named “Newspaper” but it was a nulled theme, hoping that we have finally see something good and we aren't paying for, not knowing that we are getting into trouble.

Using the theme was awesome, but again its bad using nulled theme and can cause the following issues that may lead to site shutdown.

Seo Issues, this can reduce your website opportunity of been shown on search engines and search results, even when you search your website on Google using the format (, it will only show one or two results.

Google Ads Revenue, this can reduce your ads revenue and google might not show ads on your site, or for those waiting for approval, your site might not be approved.

Amp Issues, this can also cause problems of Amp not working on your site.

Slow loading of your site, it can reduce the loading of your site and leads to timeout
Spamming, this inputs spam user's, you start start receiving emails about new registered user, even when you don't allow registration on your site, spam comments.

It hacks into your database and cause problems of site not responding,wordpress failures, error images, site shutdown, virus and lot more

Below is the image of what it puts into our database and thanks to GOD we were able to remove them and start again.

View Image Using The Link Above or download attachment

When this happened, we decided to remove all nulled plugins and theme, then scan the site number of times.

Please and please don't use nulled plugins and theme even when you don't have money, we were forced to create a theme within three (3) days, Doo it's not a professional theme but it's okay.

If you want to create a wordpress theme using your name, not creating theme from other already made theme, this theme will be your name and your name only whatsapp me +2348164140593, you don't need to pay for it oo, it's free,

And also if you are using website like (.ga .tk .ml .cf .gf ) and others that are not professional domain and you want to get a professional domain extension such as (.com) (.net) and others for free whatsapp me +2348164140593 you don't need to pay for this, there are totally free, when I mean totally I mean totally.?

Thank you and have a nice day. Also visit Africbase

Many people said the theme I used is childish but it's better not to be hacked my nulled

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Hmmm touching,
But, how are you gonna get free .com? Hope it isn't nulled again. Lol
You can only get a free domain where you buy hosting plan, site I will recommend is,, if you want nigeria hosting I will recommend whatsapp me if you need any help +2348164140593

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