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ALERT: Tinybuddha - A Truly Friendly Community
Hello guys I know its been long I posted just been really busy that's why Smile
Its another Monday and another NCT #MIB Day. As much as its good to talk about we Nigerians its even more gooder to talk about others Big Grin
Today we talk about Lori Deschene CEO and Founder of Tiny Buddha Community Smile
which gets about 1.5mil avg readers and increasing number of members Big Grin

About Lori
Name: Lori Deschene
Origin: los Angeles, USA
Blog URI:

Let's hear from her
While introducing Tiny Buddha she said a bit about her self
Lori Wrote:
Tiny Buddha is about reflecting on simple wisdom and learning new ways to apply it to our complex lives—complete with responsibilities, struggles, dreams, and relationships. Founded in 2009, Tiny Buddha has emerged as a leading resource for peace and happiness, with close to three million monthly readers and a vibrant community forum.
My name is Lori Deschene. Though I run this site, it is not mine. It’s ours. It’s not about me. It’s about us. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful and useful as mine

Read in full ->

Lori has been interviewed by many bloggers as in 1.5mil readera per month no be small thing Big Grin but I find two as explicit Smile
-> Annabel Ruffell ------->
-> Forbes ------->

That's all @laive,@deelino,@spruce,@hackinubee,@dynamo,@dealwap,@mikedstar,@cavdy,@nostory come in
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