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ALERT: What Have You Gain Or Learn After Installing Wordpress?
HellooHello to the WordPress Installers   
Good day Sir/ma to the WordPress Programmers 

Its been a while we have a roundtable discussion on NCT, hopefully the restructuring will work out. Wondering why I have two types of greeting as the introduction of the post? It is because there is a wide gap between WordPress Installer and WordPress Programmer. If you don't know the difference, meet me after this meeting.

A recent post by one of the WordPress Programmer I knew from fb - Collings Abonghama, on how WordPress saved his life by giving him a steady and legal source of income, is what made me want to have this discussion with fellow NCT members.

.png   w-logo-blue.png (Size: 3.04 KB / Downloads: 31)
Most of us have been using WordPress for over a years, but due to our unplanned schedule, we have not been able to lay our hands on the real income from WordPress. If we take a survey on how many blogger earn over $100 from his or her blog for the past 1year, hardly will will see 100 out of the thousand that will participate in the poll.

How did WordPress become Collins source of income
Kindly read the post (link above) to understand his journey and struggle. In short, after learning how to install WordPress like most of us, he did not stop there but tap into the plugin business, since he have a knowledge of one or two programming languages (aside HTML and CSS) which he learn during Wapka days. ProfilePress and Mail Optin are part of his plugins, they have free version likewise the premium one.

The main reason, from my own research is that, most of us are just WordPress installer!!! We just install it and start blogging (though most of us are not even a blogger, that's another topic for another day), we haven't spent a month studying how WordPress work, how to get the best out of it.

Someone might said: because it work for Collins does not mean it will work for everyone.

Well that's true, and that is not the main purpose of this discussion, we are here to let you know there is life aside installing WordPress! Creating of themes and plugin's is another option aside blogging.

Let's have your view on the question: What have you gain or learn after installing WordPress?
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
i love collins work...
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Wordpress has been really useful when it comes to developing a blog or just some kind of e-commerce website. To me, I was able to make some decent income from Wordpress but at the same time while working with it, I can see that Wordpress is not really fit for some things people try to use it for, An example is trying to build social network with Wordpress, wordpress is meant to be a CMS and not a fully featured PHP framework. While it might work for most implementations, sometimes it is not the best tool to get it done.
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
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