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ALERT: Why Visitors Never Come Back To Your Blog After First Visit
This is a problem for most young bloggers nowadays. After sponsoring an ad program with a lot of money, the traffic moves away as they move in.
Someone once asked me why he had not been getting visitors to his blog and I suggested that maybe he had not been good on promotions. In respect of this, he spent thousands of naira advertising on facebook and other heavy traffic websites.

As we all expected, the visitors flew in but after some time, they flew out. I later reviewed his blog and I was able to deduct his mistakes.
Below are the reasons why your website traffic keeps escaping

1. Poor Design : Nobody would like to visit a blog with the posts at the privacy policy page. If you don't wanna lose your potential traffic, work on your design.

2. Poor Content : This is probably the most important reason why they run away. Maybe your posts are all copied or you write poorly, they'll read from a better website with a better content. Post quality content.

Continuation below...
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3. Bad Navigation : Navigation is also very important in your blog. One of my friends can't navigate to the next page on his own blog, talk less of guests. This will probably enrage the visitor who will dump your blog!

4. Your Posts Are Not Well Linked : Another important point is that you should link your posts. Visitors may not know some posts exist on your blog. Add related posts at every page and it will work out, definitely.

5. Interact With Visitors : Your blog viewer will like to know you care about them. You can reply to their comments and even create a small post for a funny incident by a user. It makes them happy and keeps them on your blog.

I hope this helps a little, here I rest my pen. More coming your way
@dealwap @aphatheology
Well penned! Thanks for sharing these amazing tips.

But wait ooo, why did you mention yourself in the continuation part?
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
(04-03-2019, 03:59 PM)Aphatheology Wrote:
Well penned! Thanks for sharing these amazing tips.

But wait ooo, why did you mention yourself in the continuation part?

Just love it like that. Thanks for noticing

6. Too many Ads/
7. Poor site speed
Always visit (For lastest news, musics, and entertainment) 
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(04-04-2019, 06:13 AM)Eddykul Wrote:

6. Too many Ads/
7. Poor site speed

Thanks for the addition @eddykul

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