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ALERT: #throwback Wapka Wap Host!!!
Hello guys, hope the day has been going on smoothly for you Big Grin.
Today we will be discussing about Wapka WAP host and its indefinitely packing from Our Naija Big Grin - Wapka NCT #TBT Smile

About Wapka
First Publicity: 2008
Company: Wapka
Type: WAP Hosting Company
WapkaOfficial Wrote:
Wapka is a platform which provides free
service for users to create mobile website.
We are committed to help more users to have
their own mobile websites.
Creating website in Wapka, it does not require
professional skills and server space.
We can be very easy to create our own mobile

Why are they packing?
I do not know whether it's their server or the ads but I know that personally it's because of the url and inability to install wild scripts Big Grin

@laive,@deelino,@dealwap,@eddykul,@cavdy,@dynamo,@hackinubee,@spruce,@ben28 come in and tell us peradventure you were a Wapkan tell us why you left it Big Grin
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  • Hackinubee
I hosted my songs there when i started and didnt have enought diskspace,so I'm not too attached to iy....
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  • jonath45
(06-28-2018, 01:43 PM)Hackinubee Wrote:
I hosted my songs there when i started and didnt have enought diskspace,so I'm not too attached to iy....

lol Big Grin
Honestly i love wapka. It part of the reason my programming skills improved. But programming doesn't end in wapka, sooner or later one has to advance.

So my reason fo leaving wapka was because of their lack of improvements / advancement.
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  • jonath45
In short words.. I love wapka its helps newbie alot in developing dere programming skill with basic web programming languages...
Wapka is simply d best bt as a result of lack of improvement nd mostly low or no traffic i decided to leave.. Bt it stil got d most simple admin panel..
Spruce owner of webforum
Atlast... Big Grin
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team

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