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HELP: Free Android Apps To Get On Google Play Store That Will Make You Work Smarter
Andriod have been making edge in the mobile industry and it is making things much more easier.
With the smartphone with you you can get things done in a smart way that people will make people to look you like a big tech geek.

Not ONLY by using correct android phone will only means you can do things smarter with it but it depend on the apps you are using.
Are you someone like me that if i use phone people around me will be willing to buy it and asking that i should let them know when i want to sell it…or is it only me that experiences it…
Not because of anything but its because of the apps am using on it and the way am using it though phone grade too matters but not the criteria.

In this article i will give you a very simple free three apps and the usage that will make life more smarter.

Perhaps, what make the android phone which is smartphone of today is the functionality of different apps.
Am just going to share first three android apps, tips and also ways of managing your smartphone that will make you work in smart way to.
While the rest will be shared on this site as it unfold in different post which is the reason of the ‘FIRST PART’ in front of my title stay tuned!

Is like intro is getting much let get on point!

The first app on my list is



But why google keep? It just because ability to take note easily anywhere . anyplace and anytime easily is highly important.
If you have not cultivate the ability of taking notes both text or audio on your phone easily and make use of it anytime you need it.
Educational its good to take note every time! Write it on your phone or audio note if its a conference!
Taking note on your mobile phone has so much advantages generally than taking note on paper:
Dis-Advantages of Paper note taking

Miss-placing it
Damages(Water damage, rough handling among others)
Documentary – for long purpose

Advantages of Digital Note Keeping

While with digital note keeping like google keep among other like Evernote and oneNote you can save them online(google drive with you gmail account) and keep it for long. Though OneNote and Evernote have paid version Google Keep is completely free.
Get in torch with it anytime anywhere you want it-Like the google keep just login your gmail in the device or nearby cafe pc and go to then you see all the notes you have kept.
Easily anytime you need it since we always have our phone with us which make it mobile

Lot of advantages Google keep has like colour ,audio notes , links ,storage… Install keep on google play



This is not an app but by doing this makes you look smarter and organized.
Like this example above you can have a segregated group folder for all your social apps, browsers, media,Dictionary ,tools and others.
Naming of the folders will be due to the work or stuff you are doing.

Especially same function apps but have little different feature then you put those apps together and name it general name. For exam different types of dictionary apps can be grouped in folder for dictionary.

With good android phone you can install lot of helpful apps and with the help of folder grouping you will be able to use the app when you need them without any stress of finding the particular app.

CM Security for your smartphone security

Cm Security is a very wonderful app used to password your clandestine apps.
It not only used for applock but also internet security ,power battery booster, Junck Cleaner install this app here to experience it yourself.
The amazing thing about CM Continue reading here

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