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HELP: How Do I Resize Image Before Been Inserted Into My Database Using Php
I had this upload form, which i use this jquery plugin called croppie.js to allow users crop, reposition and zoom their image before been uploaded into my database.
Everything works fine but when images are been uploaded, the plugin doesn't reduce the image size instead it keeps the image original size and makes it clearer and large (i found out that images been uploaded have a size of 1.92mb, 1.20mb and so on, and they are all clear just they way they are before been uploaded)...
So, my php does the real work by renaming the image and changes the image format to .png before inserting it into my database. I know there is a way one can reduce image width and height before inserting it into database but i don't know how. I need help from you guys, i will like to resize image to a width and height of 200 x 200 and keep its transparent background because the image been uploaded using the jquery plugin i use, crop users image into a circular mode (that is, removing the image background)...
So, I will like to know how to resize image width and height before been inserted into databse using php.

@devHammed @dealwap @Dynamo @Laive @abcheats and all nctians...
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
hi @aaron i don't know how to do it but i will like to have your jquery user picture upload file
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
(09-17-2018, 06:48 PM)abcheats Wrote:
hi @aaron i don't know how to do it but i will like to have your jquery user picture upload file

sorry sef, the plugin has a feature that reduces image quality... Problem solved...
Search for croppie.js in google and when u have it, i can make it work for u with jquery ajax (live)... Add me up on facebook;
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team

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