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HELP: How Do I Speed Up Adsense Approval
Hi talented individuals.

I've seen a lot of claims online that people got their adsense approved in less than 48 hours, and I have since always wondered how.

While thinking of any trick people may use to get fast approval of their adsense, I remembered I have a forum full of talents and I discovered it would be a good idea to ask.

Now guys (and maybe girls), what tricks can be used to spred up adsense approval?

Your answers will be very helpful, if you have any blog posts you may share, kindly do so.

Thanks for your time.

Well, personally I don't know what makes Adsense approval faster, though I know one thing that can delay it approval.. I have never witnessed delay in any of the Adsense I apply for, it's usually approve in less than 9hrs.

One thing that can delay your approval/declination is applying during weekends.
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