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HELP: Please Webmaster Should Help A New Member
Am a tipster and i win at least 5x in a week C-S HT/FT XFT and so on... So i want to extablish my work to many people untill i find this website my friends told me that i can get what i need here.. Please i need betting tips script for blog or any good wapbuilder thanks
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@dogsfather your request isn't clear but perhaps @dealwap, @deelino, @laive or @hackinubee and @dynamo may be able to help.
@cheatex and @devHammed come in as well Big Grin
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What kinda blog are you running... ?
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Further explanation needed
I dont understand. Do u mean u need a blog that you can be posting betting tips or what.
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@dogsfather if I'm right I think you're wanting to create a bet tip blog right??? Where you make your readers know the possible sure games on daily basis??? I hope am right.
Well it's very simple buh I've never created a blog so I don't know the blog that would suit your business but concerning wapbuilder I'd advise that you go for as it's a bit easy to startup though posting pictures in forums won't be possible without using the [*img] tag which would make your readers not to enjoy reading otherwise you can check google for alternatives.

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