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HELP: Pls Help A Newbie Pictures Attached
Hello guys, for the first time ever I hosted the site (my first job) im still working on on 000webhost. Com. The problem is, on my pc the pictures displays and on my mobile fone its not displaying. Is it bcos of the webhost or what could be the problem..

@Laive @Dealwap @abcheats @Aphatheology

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im trying to upload screenshot on the pc. Well on the pc it displays the navigation bar and pictures as it is written in the source code
Can you try to access it with another browser on your mobile phone to be sure it is working? This could be an issue of the page not completely loaded.
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@dealwap check my last post.
are you sure on JavaScript is stopping the page from showing on your mobile browser, i haven't understand your statement can you explain better.. please take your time to write out ur problem so we can help you get it fix.

am also having a second thought why use free host for a client job,it might be from your hosting server. if i may say the truth free host dont give you what they say as expected.

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