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HELP: Reducing Fraud In A Referral System
Hello guys,
I need help on reducing fraud in a referral system.
I am working on an e-commerce website that awards points to users per referral. This point can be used to make purchases.
My strategy was to have users verify their phone numbers before they can even buy their first product, and before they can generate a referral link to share to friends. Using email came to mind, but I think creating multi emails (with the aim of cheating -referring one's self) is simpler that finding multiple simcards to create different accounts - and refer one's self.
My issue is that the various bulk SMS providers I've tried to use are not delivering my SMS. The most recent one- delivers the SMS via their platform, but when I use their API, e no d work. It works in a way - it strips some part of my message and send only the part it wishes, and even this happens when my sender's name is set to things like "Test", " Hello" ...etc, but when I use the real site name, it doesn't deliver.
To cut the story short, abg, anybody can feel me which other way to use and reduce self-referrals on my site, aside emails and SMS? OR which bulk SMS provider can anyone recommend? Thank you.

I am relatively new to the forum, but I appreciate the work you guys do here to help and share info, keep up!!!
I would suggest IP tracking.
Its the same way Google AdSense uses to prevent multiple clicks on an ad by a user Smile

@laive, @dealwap, @deelino come in o
CEO of Forgenest Inc.
use Google phone authentication
You can use IP address, make registration is unique per IP address, validate user email address and phone numbers. That way, you can be sure that users won't create multiple accounts with a single email, phone number or even use the same device.
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
I discovered a really efficient solution that can handle most part of the issue, especially if a user is using one device to attempt self-referrals meet Evercookies the zombie cookie!
Alongside using Evercookies, I will also check for very close IP addresses , limit email domains to the popular ones. I will silently not reward those that fails more than one of tees tests, i.e Evernote, email and IP. 

Thanks @dealwap and @jonath45 for your suggestions.

@Cavdy do you mean this and this? They seem complex, at least for what I want to do, plus JavaScript is not my strong area.

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