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HELP: Signing Up For Free Basics
Good Evening!!!!
I am trying to sign up for the free basics platform and I filled all the required information , and I applied.
I went to check later and I receive a message saying
"Your site functionality depends on javascript".. How can I solve this!!!!
Please help me gurus







Wth love

Duly signed 

Frosh Niggar Heart

©FroshLoaded Inc 2017-2019

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Freebasics won't approve your site if there's too much JavaScript that the main functions depends on JavaScript.

If you know about JavaScript, you understand, if not pm me
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It seems the javascript used on your website is more than their requirements, reduce it...
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What is the site url?

URL ""

How can I reduce the javascript?
Wth love

Duly signed 

Frosh Niggar Heart

©FroshLoaded Inc 2017-2019

(06-01-2019, 10:14 PM)froshloaded Wrote:

URL ""

How can I reduce the javascript?

Reduce ads or try changing your theme
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