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HELP: What Should I Learn Next
Hi guys.

I'm learning web development and I've been undecided on which path to follow next.

I've learnt JavaScript and jQuery and I'm thinking of moving on to backend.

php or nodejs?

Now, I want you guys to suggest the language you think will be the best for me.

P.s.: Don't ask me to continue with frontend because I'm no more interested.
P.s.: No heated arguments, just your views.


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I will advice you to take php...maybe because it was my first language...i learnt it before I learnt easy to learn, you can also go for phyton
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Here is the truth, Javascript is also a backend language and if you already know javascript and jquery like you said you do then. I don't need to advise you on what to learn again. Javascript is really wide and if you are getting into web development you should know the languages you want to learn.

i cant tell you to learn python, or php but what you want to do should tell you what to learn.

like you said you know javascript, if you know it very well then go to node.js but you are not good with javascript yet that much then maybe move to php then come back to javascript or learn more on javascript then work with node.js and other js frameworks like angular, react, vue, or express
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Hi! Javascript is very popular today, you made great choise. To go on, i think php is more likely. Maybe looking for vacancy will help you to decide
I think you should choose the sphere of your activity yourself. Now very popular software and marketing. it can bring you high income in the future
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I think you should start learning programming. This is a very good skill in the 21st century that will help you find a good job in the future and earn a lot of money. I know that it will not be easy and you will need to attend boring classes in college or special schools. But you can use a gpa calculator to help you keep track of your achievements. Don't worry it's free

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