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How To Activate Welcome Back Offer Through Mymtn App (1gb For N200 And 4gb For N1000
How To Activate Welcome Back Offer Through MyMTN App (1GB for N200 and 4GB for N1000 Respectively).

We have previously write on how to get 1GB for N200 and 4GB for N1000 Respectively, but many people are unable to activate the data due to the fact that their sim card is not eligible for the offer.

Today, I will give detailed explanation on how to activate this offer with the use of MyMTN app. This article will reveal all you need to know about the offer and how to resolve the problem of ineligibility of your sim card.

Brief description of MTN welcome back:

MTN welcome back is an offer from MTN network provider which rewards MTN subscribers with some special data Plans which are 100% cheaper from than that of the official data plans from MTN. Such as :

250MB for 100
1GB for #200
And 4GB for #1000 Respectively

MTN welcome back offer works on all sim cards, either new or old regardless of the tariff plan.

If you have tried this offer before and doesn't work, then you're going to see all you need to do to make your sim card eligible for this offer and activate if with ease

The aim of this article is to make the activation of the MTN welcome back offer easier for everyone that is willing to make use of the welcome back offer opportunity.

MTN welcome back offer also give the eligible users a bonus of 2000% on their first recharge for three month and special Data bundles as specified above for one month

Click on the link below to see all you need to know about the offer

the tricks to enjoy the offer endlessly is also explained in the article
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