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How To Optimize A Website: 3 Best Practices
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what is needed to get organic traffic to your website. Though paid ads are good but the amount of traffic you can get from SEO can be amazing as lots of people turn to search engines such as google, yahoo, bing etc. to get information and purchase various items. No matter how beautiful your website is and the amount of content you have there are some certain steps you need to engage so you can rank on the search engines. Lots of websites in lots of niches are created everyday and for yours to rank on search engine your website has to be well optimized.
Today I want to show you steps to take to optimize your website.

  • Title, Description and META

Once you have created your website and you ready to optimize it, you have to work on:

  1. Title: The title of the content you writing on is very important as it can enable visitors locate your website when the key phrases used on your title is searched for. A proper keyword research is needed to write the perfect title. Whatever topic you writing about, your post title should have the keyword you hoping to rank for example If you want to rank for the phrase “camping tents” your title could be “The best camping tents and how to set them up”. With this, when a person search for the best camping tents, your website is sure to rank high.

  2. Description: The description of your page makes it easy for google to rank your website whenever search for a keyword phrase relating to your website is been typed. The description of your website should include keywords related to your niche, information about your website (what it’s all about). Example if you into coffee business, on your description you should share the different types of coffee you make, business hours etc.

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