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How To Post Topics To Front Page
Pls, Guys. Am building a forum website from scratch using PHP. I design the categories, subcategories, topics and replies.. Am facing some difficulties; I want design the admin panel where topics can be posted to the front page. Pls, help ......
Actually, you don't really need to do that from the admin panel. Just add a button under each thread that when clicked adds a specific value inside the fp column of your thread table and on the frontend, you fetch the articles based on those that their fp column is set to 1. An example is below:

SELECT * FROM threads WHERE fp = 1;

It takes so long to learn simplicity.
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Thank you, I have achieve that.
did you manage to sort it out? have a look at our site and tell us if thats what you looking for - design wise.

our site is african betting forum
Michael K
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