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How To Start A Lucrative Bag Making Business In Nigeria
Do you have an idea to start a bag making business from home so as to make profit? If yes then you should read this article to the end as we will highlight the different steps to starting a bag making business in Nigeria.

Bags have been used for many decades as a way by which people carry their money no matter the gender. Bags are not only used to carry money but serve as an easier way for people to carry other personal items.

In the 24th century, bags have turned out not to be only used to carry money or personal items but serves as a must have fashion gear, especially for women.

For men fashion mainly is all about clothes and shoes they wear but for women, it goes beyond that.

Women fashion includes clothes, shoes, accessories, makeups and bags or purse.

All over the world, It is difficult for you to see a lady going out without carrying a bag or a purse. Everyone can testify to that. Also very rare do you see a lady that just have only one bag. Just as they spend money to buy clothes and shoes they also spend lots of money on bags.

Bags comes in different styles, sizes, colours to meet different occasions.

The fashion industry is set to be worth billions of dollars and top brands in fashion has also gone ahead to dive into bag making. Since the involvement of these top brands into bag making this business has kept on growing rapidly

Since Nigeria is not lacking behind when it comes to fashion lots of people has also done into the bag making business and are using their creativity to manufacture colorful designs and styles of bags using different materials.

Starting a bag making business in Nigeria can be very profitable if you know what you are doing. Women bags in Nigeria are not that cheap, 1 bag can cost ₦5,000 and imagine women having more than 3 and are still ready to buy more.

The good thing about this business is that if you are just starting out, you can start from the comfort of your home. Depending on how you intend to start the business, it can be operated both part-time or full-time bases.

Without wasting much time let us jump into the ways you can use to start a bag making business in Nigeria

Decide On The Type Of Bag To Make

Since bag making goes beyond handbags for women you will have to decide on the type of bag to make. Who would your bag be made for, would it be for only women, men, kids and so on. You have to pick the one that is convenient for you. Most times doing market research on the different bag making ideas is important as it will help aid your decision. These bag ideas may include tote bags, school bags, messenger bags for men, clutch, hobo bags and so on.

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