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Multiple Package Delivery
Hi! It’s good to be here again, how are you and how have your package/courier deliveries been? This week, we’ll be looking at – Multiple Package Delivery.

Multiple package delivery is the process of sending two or more packages/parcels to one place or more, at the same time, through a courier. Now, Multiple Package Delivery can be done; within a state, interstate, nationally and internationally. One might want to send multiple packages like; gift hampers, clothes, accessories, business/personal documents etc., to more than one place within or outside Nigeria. This is clearly a multiple package delivery and should be treated adequately by the couriers handling the delivery. Because, the delivery might be a Same-day Package Delivery and recording success in these deliveries will go a long way in avoiding Courier Delivery Shocks.

Nigerians are very industrious people, of which an increasing number are entrepreneurs who sometimes in their businesses receive or carry-out multiple package deliveries. With the help of Swifno and the likes, these multiple package deliveries are carried-out successfully which in turn leads to successful business experiences for the entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

Have you had the need to carry-out multiple package deliveries? Have you needed to send multiple items to within Nigeria? Well here are some tips that would guide you in ensuring that you successfully handle your own multiple package delivery.


1.     Some deliveries are priced based on what the items weigh. Keep this in mind when packaging multiple items, so as not to overshoot your budget.

2.     If packaging your items yourself, ensure they are done in a neat and tidy manner and properly labelled before they are picked up. This is to avoid spillage or damage while in transit.

3.     Pack your items in a manner that the surface area they occupy is reduced as much as possible. This will make them occupy less space, and in turn could cost less.

4.     While packing fragile items, ensure they are placed on top of other items or are packed separately. Mark them clearly as FRAGILE, so they are handled with care.

5.     If multiple items are to be delivered to the same location, but to different people, mark them accordingly before packing them together to avoid any form of mix up. Such a simple task can avoid a big issue.

6.     When items are not packed together but are headed to the same location, it will help to package them with the same colour of wrappers or with similar tags to differentiate them easily from those going elsewhere.

When smartly done, a multiple package delivery could be achieved for the price of just one item. Think smart and employ the smartest means, Swifno.


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