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NEWS: Independence Day: Nigerian Teen Rapper's Touching Words Gives Hope To Nigerians
Just in, as Nigeria Celebrates her 58th Independence Day. An upcoming Nigerian Teen Rapper Demokreysee has passed across strong messages which encourages and gives hope to Nigerians.

On his Facebook page, Demokreysee published a post wishing Nigeria a better independence day adding to it are words that gives hope as he wrote just in form of Rhyme lyrics that as Nigeria Celebrates her 28th Birthday, Nigerians are surely going to elevate and October is going to be a better month after which he add more encouraging words as he also talked about the hustles in the streets of Nigeria.
He Brought his message to an end by saying "Nigerians are one and would continue to be one because we are all brothers and sisters".

"Nigeria is Fifty Eight.
Surely we're gon' Elevate.
Success ain't somethin' we gonna negotiate.
Striving hard to win is our game.

Surely October is gonna be a better month.
Amongst countries Nigeria is better off.
We're the Giant of Africa and we never fall.
We're never divided, we're together and we are one.

Every hustles out there is hopefully gonna pay.
Cos it's Nigeria's Day.
It's our time to Arise, Shine and Wake.
We still on our ground and nothing is ever gonna make us shake.

We are Nigeria and are different from the others.
Our good deeds are know to everyone even across the borders.
We'll never experience harm cos we're being watched over by our forefathers
We're forever in one accord a
Cos we're sisters and brothers."

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@Laive @Dealwap

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cool bro
nice update

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