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Never Substitute Prayer For Actions
Disclaimer: Dear association of religion defender. I am here with my post as usual and as you all know, you are free to comment and state your points constructively but doing that without an iota of sense will make me delete you from my account. Who needs more gullible people anyway? So skip this post if you feel it will contradict your belief.

Excuse me, don’t come here to rant how religion is not the problem of course we know that but how it was taught to our people and how foolishly our people tend to gulp whatever comes from it is so crazy.
These days, our people can’t let go of any words as long as one Baba G.O in white garment is the one that prophesy into their life. For f**k sake! (Excuse my language) can we all grow up already?
Can this religious leaders tell the truth to their followers and stop making them believe that someone somewhere is responsible for their misfortune? Someone comes to you and things are not going well in their life and all you can say is that they’re not praying enough or giving to the lord enough. Are our people now so dumb to understand that we can never substitute prayer for actions? No amount of prayer can ultimately give you the life you desire if you don’t act.

What the heck happened to common sense? What the hell happened to constructive planning? When you raise up issue that contradicts our religious fanatics way of life they automatically defend their point with the way of God is not that of Man, lol of course we know that but if that’s your reason for throwing away your common sense then you’re needed at the psychiatric hospital.
You don’t have strategic plan in place to tackle the problems in your life and all you got is the Bible verse, the incense you light at night or the 3 red candles you put at your door steps or even the Quran verse your religious leader instructs you to wallow through every night? How do you expect magic to happen? You expect another manna to fall from heaven(If one even fall in the first place).

We are breeding up more religious gatherings, spending more money on religion and we continue to complain about low technological advancement, poor educational systems, degrading economical systems. While we are instructing our younger ones how to pray and fast relentlessly, other countries are introducing their younger ones into applying their cognitive reasoning skills into solving their life problems and also how to build things that not only improve their life but also contributes towards the development of their country.
IMO, I do not see this country growing to any height unless we begin to channel our attention towards things that truly matters. You can serve your God as much as you want but doing it crazily and gulping whatever is thrown at you from your so called religious leaders is what and will never make any sense.
Take care.

It takes so long to learn simplicity.
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I do not see this country growing to any height
unless we begin to channel our attention towards
things that truly matters

@dealwap this part touches me most Smile
I'm as well convinced that Christians and moslem alike need to be educated on this issue
Yes there are some spiritual problems Big Grin but most of our problems are caused by our hands Big Grin
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Hmm dealwap at it again
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Michael K
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