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Please Stop Mis-using This Forum
Hello Coders, I Have Been A Member Of This Forum For A While Now, I Have Observed The Way Things Are Going And I Can Realy Say The Forum Admins And Moderators Are Doibg Great To Curb Out Every Irrelevancy, However There Are Some Dumb Users On This Forum Asking Useless Questions And Expecting To Get A Profitable Answer. Questions Like "admin How Can I Create A Site Like This", "how Can I Create Shell Link", "how Can I Create A Wordpress Site" For You To Ask Any Question In This Forum You Should Have Tried Somethings Out.

Tell The Forum Users How You Have Tried Creating A Wordpress Blog And You Failed Let Us Help You From There. Though @Dealwap Has Been So Kind Enough To Post A Full Tutorial On How To Create A Wordpress Site But Some People Wont Make Use Of That Thereby Creating Duplicate Posts Which Can Penalize The Forum By Search Engines.

I Hereby Urged Every Users Of This Forum To Pls Give Clear Title About What The Post Is About Before Posting Also Ensure You Use The Search Before Creating A New Post.

E.G You Want To Ask A Question About Inserting Values Into Mysql Databasen Do It This Way Instead Of Making Your Title "admin Please Help With Mysql" Make It "I Am Having Problem Inserting Datas Into Mysql Database" Then In The Real Post Tell Us The Codes You Have Written Which Triggered The Error So We Can Help You From There.

This Forum Is Really Trying To Connect Nigerian Programmers Together And I Believe We Are Going Great By The Grace Of God Please Let Us All Work Hands In Hands To Support This Forum. If You Have Any Tutorial You Think Deem Fits The Forum, Search For It To Be Sure It Has Not Been Posted Beforethen If It Has Not Been Posted Create A New Post With Clear Title And Well Formatted Body Text.

Thank You Nigerian Coders Team


You guys are really doing great please dont stop. Success is ours!!!

TO Those Who Are Contributing In One Way Or The Other, God Bless You All
@Adekunle thanks for your observation and suggestion... I just hope they heed to the advice
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
Very Good @adekunle Please Let Them Know
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
I Just Pray They Follow It, Even After This Post They Are Still Doing The Same.

We Are Ready To Help But You Dont Expect Us To Do All The Works, Tel Us What You Have Tried To Do So We Can Help YOu Fix It. Not Just Trying To Get Full Tutor.
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
Thanks @adekunle , tell them O, make them hear. In addition to what @adekunle has said, many copy some posts on here and pasted it on their sites, pls always link back to the source , there is zero tolerance for copy of our materials without backlinks O, I've said my own
Code In me
(04-28-2016, 08:52 PM)younqjohn Wrote:
Thanks @adekunle , tell them O, make the

Yeah, exactly...they copy our articles without linking back to the source, that's very bad indeed.
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
I no just wan report to DMCA . I just dey chill
Code In me
(07-11-2016, 09:46 PM)younqjohn Wrote:
I no just wan report to DMCA . I just dey chill

Thats it, make dem just dey pray make Oju-Anu nct no turn bad ooo, lot of website will suffer from reporting by then
na so
Code In me

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