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Profitable Home Business Ideas In Nigeria
In Nigeria, there are myriads of business ideas that you can easily start up just at the comfort of your home.
Before now, i had believed that business which is organized at one's house has no value because one may be feeling too comfortable. However, i was proved wronged when my mum made the sum of N300, 000 just from sitting at home running a very simple business.
Luckily, i will provide this business idea to you freely, just keep reading
some of these very profitable home business ideas include;
creche or daycare
local production
affiliate marketing
information marketing and many more
i have compiled more than 10 profitable home business ideas just for you. Just visit for more insights on very hot business ideas that can be organized at the comfort of your home
oh thanks for that!
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  • Olufemi
Thank you for your ideas! They are really very interesting and can help beginners start their own business in Nigeria. But in my opinion, this is not enough. If you want to start your own business, it's best to turn to professionals who help you choose a popular and profitable kind of business and create a good business plan. This young team can help understand and emulate the habits of successful financiers and investors and learn the basic concepts, terms, and background of financial markets! I wish you success and good profit
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  • Olufemi
You have done a great job
This is really helpful.
Keep it up
(12-17-2018, 09:35 PM)Temmytourpe1909 Wrote:
You have done a great job
This is really helpful.
Keep it up

Ya, very helpful
I do not advise you to engage in blogging in Nigeria. I have only an unlucky experience in this area.
I live in Nigeria and I want to share my experience with you. I am engaged in internet marketing and this is a very popular kind of earnings in this country. I created my online store and sell trendy branded clothing there. My online store is very popular in Nigeria because there are no stores with good clothes in this country and it brings me good and stable monthly income. When I started my business in this area, I had problems with the customs clearance of parcels from Canada and I decided to contact the professionals for help. This young team is always quick and inexpensive do customs clearance for me and I am very grateful to them for this. I wish you success. )
I buy popular products from china and sell them in my online store. My earnings are more than $ 5,000 and I advise you to try too. The main thing is to choose really popular and cool products such as this case
It is really glad to see Nigerians working really hard. I am amazed by the ideas contributed. Thanks a lot
anyone want to know more about the online affiliate business? if you find and recruit customers for sites such as bet9ja mobile you can start earning money. give me a shout!
Michael K
Freelance Journalist - iGaming - Bet9ja - God - Forex

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