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Research Paper On Fast Food And Obesity
Fast food has become a regular issue of our lives. Fast food is usually eaten because it is more tasty than the food at home, but it is very good to eat less and health from home food. Fast food leads to obesity. By eating fast food our calorie intake in our body increases. Fast food leads to obesity, and due to increase in obesity and diseases, we become very sick.
The calorie intake is high in fast food, so eating it increases the body's obesity. Fast food contains more fat, sodium and saturated fats. People, who eat fast food, reduce the intake of fruits, vegetables and milk, which is good for many more health from fast food. Eating fast food also leads to heart disease and diabetes due to obesity.

Once obesity has increased, it also starts in history. Some individuals have high genetic tendencies. From this, obesity continues their generation to generation. We spend half a rupee every year to eat fast food, which is not a good sign for our health. Fast food is consumed by those people who have difficulty in cooking food at home, or they want less food at home. Such people love to eat fast food. People also eat fast food due to their busy life. Many times people do not like to eat fast food even when there is no time.

In the United States, obesity has reached an epidemic; in fact it is a pandemic that has been developed by fast food. Fast food has become cheaper to buy easily. Countries such as China and Japan have also left their family diet by adopting fast food. Which is a big sign of increasing obesity?


In the conclusion, food to fast food is harmful to our health, but still we have to eat it. The reason is that it is delicious and there are many other reasons behind eating it. By eating this leads to obesity, which brings together and many other diseases. To reduce the use of fast food, you should try to cook the family meal. Should also try to make the family food a little tastier. Fast food should be bought from a good shop that uses good stuff to make fast food. Try to stop the promotion of fast food so that people become less used. Fast food has become such a disorder that food is harmful to health, but it has become the necessity of our life to eat. That is why we should try to reduce its use because its use is bad for all of us.

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