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SHARED: A New Dimension Of Plagiarism
I just discovered a new plagiarism strategy last week during my endless online research.

Plagiarism as I knew was copying content from another blog or website and calling it your own on your website.

However, in a bid to get AdSense approval, some people went beyond that. Can you guess what they do?

Because, AdSense, Google and other search engines, as they assume can only discover online plagiarism. What do they do? They go offline.

They start copying content from old newspapers, magazines and books. This way, they think Google will never detect.

However, another issue which made me wow is that out of three blogs I saw leveraging this strategy, two were disapproved by AdSense.

What do you think about this new content theft strategy?
Do you think it will stay around for some time?
How did you think AdSense detected this?
How did you think it can be stopped totally?

Been a long time o
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Any method they are using, its just a matter of time, Google will get them and still ban them!
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You want them to develop fresh ideas? Nothing is new in the world. Although, they are lazy. There are thousands of free word/article spinners available online. They can make use of that if they are serious.
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