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SHARED: Guides For A Happy Marriage
Marriage is the joining together of a man and a woman to become one union. Nowadays, marriage has turned into something else in the sight of every living being, where some believe and put it into practice, while others take it as a not compulsory courtship.

The Truth Is:

Marriage is compulsory and should be acknowledged. Even in the bible, it was stated that Jesus attended a wedding feast at cana. Read John Chapter 2 Verse 1 to12. For More Clarification.

Marriage can also be a bound between two couples in agreement to become one soulmate,

In the other way round, marriage can also be a complicated situation along the line, but at the end, you will find peace and unity within yourself, depending how you go about doing it.

Many people today have abandoned their marriage life for one reason or another, while others continues to remain patience, faithful, and loyal to themselves in the courtship of their marriage life.

Before taking a lip of faith into marriage, you should prepare your mind for any incoming task and also read its description before jumping into it. Please note that marriage is meant for mature and responsible people who are ready to take responsibilities of it.

80% percent of men today impregnate a woman, give her a place to stay in his apartment and later claim he is married to her!, is that marriage?, to me, I boldly say no.

At least, it will better for the man to go into a little process like paying for her bride price before thinking of taking her, and later on, if he is mature enough, you can allow marriage into the courtship.

Marriage has never been easy to tackle with, even from its word, it may sound simple, and if you have no clue of how it works, you will be tripped in the middle of nowhere and may end up calling it a day. Like i said earlier, it is only meant for mature and responsible people.

The courtship of marriage can be over emphasized due to its requirement for one to bare. marriage is all about you having the patience to understand, love, and support one another at any point in life, either in good or bad condition.

Generally, it is well known that every marriage applicant pass through a trail called - Dating, before thinking about getting married. This trial serves as a proof to show how mature and if they are really meant to be soulmates.

Normally, marriage can be processed in different ways, the common ones are: white, traditional and court marriage.

In some cases, before and after the marriage, there is always a conflict between both couple and their families in a disagreement between a matter arising situation on the bride's price, insufficient funds, or fighting for other related issues in other to spoil the name of the marriage in one way or another, and at the end of the conflict is either the couples go their own separate ways or call it a day with a divorce.

Here Is What To Do, In Other To Tackle Your Marriage Life.

First, invite the presence of God in other for him to guide you on what to do, so that your marriage can go well.

If you know that the relationship is going well and you think the both of you are compatible, make a step forward by asking her hand in marriage, believe me, she will be waiting to hear those words, and her answers is a YES. as a responsible and mature man, you should know its about time to take a second step by paying for her bride price, and make sure you settle every bills be for anything else, in other to avoid any further problems within the day of your marriage.

If you wish to take more further step, create time for the both of you to sit and discuss about how the marriage will be, and if possible, you can get the attention of those who has passed through the process of marriage and let them council and guide you about how it is and what to do in other to tackle your marriage life. You can also hire a counselor or someone you know that can guide you on how to start the marriage, you can also get the attention of your parents to guide you on it, because they were the one that knows how it was when they started theirs.

After that, make a list of what will be needed on the day of the D day, and also make a budget of how much will be needed for all the products and requirement, in other to avoid any incoming problems.

After the marriage the parents of both couple should assemble and give the couples all the blessings they need to live a happy married life and be prosperous in life and for the betterment of their union to be bound as one.

Note That:

On the D day, there is always a moment when some unexpected event occurs in other to spoil the marriage, so it is advised to hire some security service, in other to avoid any further problems.

In addition, it will be better to get married in private without notifying the public. because it is the only way to find peace, love, and unity within you and your to be married wife. because there are those who don't want to see you happy.

Most people don't know about this way of marriage, because it is not common. but it will be better to conduct your marriage life in your own way.

In Conclusion:

A marriage without the blessings and presence of God is totally useless, because with his presence, no form of confusion will come your way and it is advisable to put God first before taking any step into marriage.

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Thanks For Reading.
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  • jonath45
this is helpful
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
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(06-28-2018, 04:37 PM)Aaron Wrote:
this is helpful

Thank you sir for stopping by.
(06-28-2018, 06:59 PM)EELs Wrote:
Thank you sir for stopping by.

can i ask a queston?
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
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(06-28-2018, 07:29 PM)Aaron Wrote:
can i ask a queston?

Yes Sir, You Are Free To Ask.
is it a sin for a man to get married to a woman older than him?
Big Grin
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
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(06-29-2018, 10:23 AM)Aaron Wrote:
is it a sin for a man to get married to a woman older than him?
Big Grin

Smiles...well, the tagged subject there is how strong the love is. Love has no destination, it be found in a hopeless place, it doesn't matter how big, small or old you are, weather tall, short, or formless. Which means it is open to so ever that accept to stick with it no matter the weather conditions. In other words, its not a sin to date someone older than you, but they are consequence.

To marry someone who is by far older than you might lead into a rogue situation in the future, this depends how much that person really loves you. But always know that you will face outstanding obstacles when you have gone far into the marriage.

At first, love is a sweet thing. But within sometime , it fades.

Note - Not All Are In The Same Situation.
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I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
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