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SHARED: Understanding Block Level And Inline Level Elements(differences)
Block vs. inline level

As You All know Nearly all HTML elements are either block or inline elements.
The features of block
elements include:

1. Always begin on a new
2.Height, line-height and
top and bottom margins can be
3. Width defaults to 100%
of their containing
element, unless a
width is specified

Inline elements are direct opposite
1.Begin on the same line Height, line-height and top and bottom
margins can't be changed
2.Width is as long as the text/image and can't be manipulated

To change an element's status
you can use
display:inline or display:block. But why would you want to change
block to inline? Wel u can use dis to your advantage:
1.Have an inline element
start on a new line
2.Have a block element
start on the same line
3.Control the width of an
inline element
4.Manipulate the height
of an inline element
5.Set a background
colour as wide as the
text for block elements,
without having to
specify a width
All these and more!
But i @Spruce want to teach you an important trick in css that most people dont feel as important.. Css Aligning
As you know you can align text with d following css
PHP Code:

But what happens when you want to align an element not text these time? You we find it hard. I know you would not find this trick interesting bcos you have not come across sumting like dat be4. Now straight to d point.
PHP Code:

is supposed to align any element to the center but it never does. That is just because you missed the display property, Now if you have been following me 4rm d start you would have seen that inline elements cant be manipulated. So you just add the following line of code and you are good.
PHP Code:

Thank u. Spruce
@Dynamo @Jonath45 @Dealwap
Spruce owner of webforum
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Nice post. @spruce

I will keep this is mind...
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