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Same-day Package Delivery
Everything Deliveries is a weekly online article from the stables of Swifno ( – your one stop delivery mobile app that brings you, Choice and Convenience in courier delivery. Everything Deliveries contains adequate information that’ll help you understand the delivery process and provide you with tips on how to organize your personal and business logistics tasks that involve delivery logistics whether it is personal (gift to your spouse) or business (purchased goods to your customer).
With interesting topics, Everything Deliveries brings you into a whole new world of deliveries.

Our topic this week is – Same-day Package Delivery. For clarification and to ease understanding, package delivery or parcel delivery is the delivery of shipping containers, parcels, personal items or high value mail. The service is provided by most postal systems, express mail, private courier companies, and less-than-truckload-shipping-carriers.

Notice that, private courier companies is in bold in the paragraph above. Well it’s ‘cos our topic this week (same-day package delivery) revolves largely around private courier companies, some of which Swifno are proud partners with. More like Uber for deliveries, only in this case, Swifno is Uber and the private courier companies that we operate with, are the Uber drivers and of course you, yes you, are our awesome customer. 

Okay so back to our topic for this week – Same-Day Package Delivery. Same-day package delivery for local parcels (such as documents, small and medium packages) has long been available by local courier companies. Swift transportation e.g. – road, rail and air transport made same-day package delivery feasible over longer distances; for example, packages shipped in the early morning can be delivered (at relatively high cost) anywhere within the major states and cities in the Federation that we at Swifno operate, before evening of the same day.

Have you had issues with same-day deliveries in the past? Have you needed something urgently and through a series of errors, your package doesn’t make it to the destination in time? Well here are some tips that would guide you in ensuring that your packages get picked up and delivered on the same day.


1.     Ensure you have the package prepared early enough (depending on the distance), before placing your request.

2.     If the delivery location is far away from the pick-up location (e.g. another state), make the request early enough, preferably first thing in the morning.

3.     While placing a courier delivery request, ensure the pick-up and drop- off locations are properly described. This is to ensure the courier service provider does not waste time trying to locate these places.

4.     Communication is important. When items are on transit, try to maintain a means of communication with the courier service provide. The Swifno app offers an excellent tracking option where the courier can keep the customer updated at all times.

5.     When placing requests for receipts of items from someone else, it is important to advise the person (the sender) just before the request is made.

6.     For online requests, proper item description is important. This will enable the courier send the appropriate pricing over. The Swifno app provides a ‘photo upload’ feature to cater for this need. The courier service provider is able to see the picture and have a better description of the item scheduled for pick-up.


Same-day package delivery is a true test of a courier company’s navigation skills and strength. It doesn’t matter if you live in Ajangbadi in Lagos or Bambara in Abuja, with the right planning and quick access to the right courier, you can get your deliveries done, same day.  With your friends at Swifno, you can rest assured you have the first class access to top class courier service delivery. For more info visit –




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