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Sender/Recipient Satisfaction
Hi and welcome again, it’s always a pleasure to write to you and to meet your acquaintance. This week we’ll be talking about – Sender/Recipient Satisfaction. This is in most cases known as Customer Satisfaction. Customer satisfaction (often abbreviated as CSAT), is a term frequently used in marketing and business. It is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. Customer satisfaction is defined as "the number of customers, or percentage of total customers, whose reported experience with a firm, its products, or its services (ratings) exceeds specified satisfaction goals." But in the context of this write-up we’ll be using Sender/Recipient Satisfaction.

The satisfaction and fulfilment that is felt by a Sender/Recipient of a delivery package is one of the core reasons why courier agencies or courier service platforms like Swifno( exist. Sender/Recipient satisfaction in the package delivery world is the feeling that a customer has when his/her delivery process is successful and by successful, we all know the delivery has to be; ‘timely’ and done by a ‘passionate courier’.

Imagine you had a new phone that you wanted to send to a loved one in another state (say from Lagos to Anambra) and then it takes a week to get to him/her. Now imagine this same story in reverse, whereby the phone gets to Anambra the next day. How will you feel, satisfied right? Now that’s exactly what you get using Swifno(, because experience has taught that there’s more to package/courier delivery and that’s making sure that you(yes you) are satisfied with every delivery process.

Are you in search of satisfaction in courier/package delivery, have you been in need of timely deliveries or a timely delivery? Have you needed to send items to within Nigeria, and you wanted/expected them to get to their destination on time or on the same day? Well search no longer, here are some tips that would guide you in ensuring that you get a passionate courier delivery platform that’ll make sure your package deliveries are timely and successful:


1.         Simply download the Swifno mobile app from Google Play Store or from iOS App Store and register.


2.         When selecting a courier service, it is important to assess the review rating and comments, to have a glimpse of the experiences of others. The Swifno mobile app provides this feature.


3.         In requesting your delivery, ensure you have the package prepared early enough (depending on the distance), before placing your request.


4.         Keep your mobile device (or other media) handy for vital information on status of delivery in transit especially if you are the recipient.


5.         If the delivery location is far away from the pick-up location (e.g. another state), make the request early enough, preferably first thing in the morning.


6.         While placing a courier delivery request, ensure the pick-up and drop- off locations are properly described. This is to ensure the courier service provider does not waste time trying to locate these places.


7.         Communication is important. When items are on transit, try to maintain a means of communication with the courier service provide. The Swifno app offers an excellent tracking option where the courier can keep the customer updated at all times.


8.         When placing requests for receipts of items from someone else, it is important to advise the person (the sender) just before the request is made.


9.         For online requests, proper item description is important. This will enable the courier send the appropriate pricing over. The Swifno app provides a ‘photo upload’ feature to cater for this need. The courier service provider is able to see the picture and have a better description of the item scheduled for pick-up.








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