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TUTORIAL: 7 Best Ways To Prevent Your Local Business From Social Engineering Attacks
Do you believe most of the Cyber attacks are done by social Engineering, which is known as the act of human hacking, and any one can fall victim, both individuals, companies and local business owners, but today I will share with you the best way to prevent yourself from being a victim of social Engineering attacks...

1. Don't be the type that always get curious all time, because hackers and attackers make use of the curiousity level in you to exploit you, remember that curiousity killed the cat, so reduce your curiousity level...

2. Avoid visiting links you are unsure of, links that looks suspicious, because some sites are designed and embedded with malware in such a way that when you visit them you will be prompted to click somethings to allow, which gives attackers control over your device after the click, so I will advice before visiting any link that looks suspicious, always make use of url Revealer to see the destination of the link you are about to visit

3. Make sure you install new generation antivirus e.g Kaspersky antivirus, and also firewalls and make use of mail filters I will recommend blue mail for you.. keep your device safe atleast..

4. Don't accept help request from unknown personnels who request you to provide your password or personal credentials before they can help you be it technical or not... No authorized company or Real IT supports will request your details in exchange of helping you.. I will advice you do your own research than allowing them to help you

5. .Beware of ScareWare Attacks and Tricks this type of social engineering attak plays on human fear. For example a user sees an alert messages of his or her device is been infected with a malware or virus, then they will provide a software (antivirus) for you to install protect your device,where the app itself is the harmfull software.

Thanks and Enjoy Yah Day


Thanks for sharing The Topic
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
You are welcome, thanks for reading
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