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TUTORIAL: How To Unbrick Or Revive Any Hard Bricked Or Dead Mtk Android Device - Phones
Disclaimer: I'm not a good writer just bare with me,
Due to people asking me of how i unbricked my
Dead Android, I decided to create this tutorial.
Many time you hear lots of people looking for
solution on how to unbrick their device. i use to be
part of them when i bricked my tecno l7 from soft brick it entered a higher level of bricking that is
called hard. Alot of people enters this problem
trying to flash higher custom rom that is not meant
for their device some through kernel. while some
from soft brick it enters a higher level on bricking.
where your device doesn't come on, no vibration, black screen,cannot be detected by pc (no sound
of connection on your pc). expecially when there is
no preloader in your device. this means you are
having a DEAD phone. here I'm going to show u
how to flash preloader.bin and your device rom to
your dead android. this tutorial is strictly for hard bricked device also if your device is soft bricked
you can also try it.but this was how i unbricked my
Dead Android
1.PC 2.USB CORD 3.SP FLASH TOOL LATEST VERSION goto http:// and download latest version 4. MEDIATEK VCOM DRIVER (i.e if you enter sp flash
tool official site u can download this driver from
there and there is even tutorial on how to manually
install mediaTek VCOM driver there just load the
video) 5.CUSTOM ROM OF UR DEVICE goto to download any phone rom (with scatter file and preloader.bin)
Then u are good to go. =>first connect ur phone to ur pc: if ur pc doesn't
make sound of usb connection. then start pressing
volume key up or down on ur device till u hear
sound on ur pc (puuchuunpuu) and also ur phone
will start vibrating but if it doesn't vibrate keep on
pressing volume key up or down as many times as possible till ur phone start vibrating then it starts
connecting and disconnecting in ur pc keep calm
head to the next level =>second manually install mediaTek VCOM driver:
this driver help computer to detect a bricked device.
firstly disabled system signature verification I'm not
going to show u how to do it now just Google
search it then after successfully disabling signature
then install the mediaTek VCOM driver from your pc device manager. for those who don't know how to
install it just search "how to manually install
mediaTek VCOM driver" through Google search or
through havotek or goto there you will be shown how to install it u have to
scroll down to see how to install it on the site. after
successfully installing the driver through device
manager u might see a yellow sign don't worry just
head to the next level. in your device manager via
potable device you'll see your device name as the driver u just installed (to confirm disconnect and
connect your device) =>note: your device will not be stable it connects
and disconnects on your pc. don't worry you are
on the right track. =>next extract your device rom to a folder you'll
remember and also extract flash tool latest version
open sp flash tool go down to flashtool.exe upon it
then enter scatter file. a folder will open then locate
where you kept your extracted custom rom then
open locate scatter file.txt and open. it will then open in sp flash tool everything in ur rom will be
loaded in the sp flash tool next untick everything
there because when the scatter file loads
everything will be ticked so just untick everything
except the first one which is preloader.bin because
your pc won't be able to flash the custom rom into your Android without first flashing preloader or
else it will not be stable connecting and
disconnecting. rom won't be able to install breaks
half way. preloader.bin help ur phone to boot and
also helps system to detect your phone without
disconnecting. =>make sure u disconnect your device from pc (if
your battery is removable then remove your
battery but if it's unremovable then just continue
don't do any foolish thing trying to remove an
unremovable battery you'll just distroy your device)
i repeat make sure you untick everything except preloader then press download after clicking on
download then next connect your device then it
will start loading you'll see yellow stuff under
loading if it loads successfully then you are good to
go but if it shows 100% with red line under and
something comes up saying "PMT error download rom" don't panic just click on format at the top
when it enters format page then press format then
sp flash tool will load successfully now it will not
give u PMT error again. Then back to download
page click download if it doesn't load remove your
USB from your pc then put it back (make sure u disconnect before clicking on download after
clicking on download then connect your device
back to your pc) then it will start loading then when
it reaches 100% you will see a green mark showing
you it was successful. then your device will no
longer connect and disconnect your device will now be stable. =>Next on your sp flash tool now tick everything
there except your preloader because you have
already flashed it. now press download if it doesn't
start loading again just do the same thing remove
USB and connect again then the rom starts loading
u will see a yellow stuff loading wait it takes up to 10 minutes to load. when it loads finish a green tick
will pop up showing u it was successful. then
disconnect your device from pc. then try charging
your device. your device will start charging let it
charge for sometime then power it on it will take
some time to fully boot. that's all start flexing your phone.

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