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TUTORIAL: Latest Mtn Free Browsing Cheat With Eproxy And Http Injector Via Mpulse Data Plan

We bring the latest configs to your doorstep to enable you surf unlimitedly on the net with your data [ mPulse Users].

And this time we're going to make it work on Eproxy and Http Injector [Having been around for some time Though]

However, you can still go back to our recent update on how to power the mPulse data on Spark VPN, KPNtunnel, and the normal method .... E.t.c

Having done that, lets go to our main topic.


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1. An Mtn Sim on Mpulse Package with an active subscription [ Dial *344*1# migrate to MTN mPulse.]

How to Setup eProxy VPN to Power All Apps on MTN mpulse

– Download eProxy VPN ApK - HERE

– Also, download the updated ePro Config file for MTN mPulse - HERE

How to Import Config??

• After Installation, Open the eProxy VPN app.

• Click on the red colored ➕ button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Eproxy VPN

• Locate the Configuration file you earlier downloaded in the folder you saved it, then tap on it to import.

• Lastly, once it imported successfully, click on the START button.

Mtn free browsing cheat

That's all you need to do, just wait for it to CONNECT and you can start browsing and downloading.

N.B: eProxy takes time to connect, so don't panic, just wait and let God use you.


PAY ATTENTION - How To Download Unlimitedly With Mtn Mpulse Data - Working Method

How to Setup Http Injector to Power all Apps Via Mpulse Data

– Download Http Injector From Play store.

– Download this Config [Valid for 7days] - HERE

How to Import?

• After successfully opening http injector

• Click on the SD Card Shaped like Object at the right upper hand side,

• Select Import

• Locate the file and import,

• Hit your CONNECT Button and start blazing [for 7days]

That's all about mPulse on Eproxy and HTTP Injector, please, do well to check out the spark VPN also because we've updated the config file likewise that of kpntunnel.


MUST READ - MTN MPulse Spark VPN & KPNTunnel Config File To Power All Apps On Mobile

Did you experience any difficulties?? Drop comments and we'll get back to you as soon as possible; also drop confirmation if it worked for you.

Kindly Share.


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