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The Perfect Courier
Hi there and a happy new week to you, it’s always a pleasure to make your acquaintance/be in touch with you. This week we’ll be talking about – The Perfect Courier. People say perfection in the world of service and of course delivery service, is the way to go. From experience, ‘Passion’ in my opinion, is actually the way to go.

The Perfect Courier is that courier that is human enough to put itself in its customer(s) shoes, human enough to diligently employ empathy and carefully marry it with business, in the course of rendering a delivery service. These things can only be done/achieved, when passion steers the ship of the entire affairs of the courier. A perfect courier strives to render timely delivery service, be it multiple package deliveries or same-day package deliveries, regardless of any courier delivery shocks that might be encountered.

Experience at Swifno( has taught me that, you treat every delivery as if they were yours and treat every recipient as if they were a relative of yours that is  expecting a package from you. My boss always says: “Young man, it helps to groom your passion for the job.” I couldn’t agree more. Having said this, passion is the way to go in rendering service, especially delivery service. For passion breeds perfection and a perfect courier is a passionate courier.

 Are you in search of a passionate courier delivery platform, have you been in need of timely deliveries or a timely delivery? Have you needed to send items to within Nigeria, and you wanted/expected them to get to their destination on time or on the same day? Well search no longer, here are some tips that would guide you in ensuring that you get a passionate courier delivery platform that’ll make sure your package deliveries are timely and successful:


1.                 Simply download the Swifno mobile app from Google Play Store or from iOS App Store and register.


2.                 When selecting a courier service, it is important to assess the review rating and comments, to have a glimpse of the experiences of others. The Swifno mobile app provides this feature.


3.                  In requesting your delivery, ensure you have the package prepared early enough (depending on the distance), before placing your request.

4.                 Keep your mobile device (or other media) handy for vital information on status of delivery in transit especially if you are the recipient.

5.                 If the delivery location is far away from the pick-up location (e.g. another state), make the request early enough, preferably first thing in the morning.

6.                 While placing a courier delivery request, ensure the pick-up and drop- off locations are properly described. This is to ensure the courier service provider does not waste time trying to locate these places.

7.                 Communication is important. When items are on transit, try to maintain a means of communication with the courier service provide. The Swifno app offers an excellent tracking option where the courier can keep the customer updated at all times.

8.                 When placing requests for receipts of items from someone else, it is important to advise the person (the sender) just before the request is made.

9.                 For online requests, proper item description is important. This will enable the courier send the appropriate pricing over. The Swifno app provides a ‘photo upload’ feature to cater for this need. The courier service provider is able to see the picture and have a better description of the item scheduled for pick-up.






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