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Want To Learn Web Development? Come In And See How!

You were told that in order to learn Web development, you need to start with HTML and CSS; you were adviced to learn HTML and then follow it up with CSS. After learning HTML and CSS, then learn Javascript and then learn PHP or any other server-side language. You were also given the assurance that after learning these bunch of web technologies, then you'll be ready to start building websites. Is that correct? Wrong!


As a beginner, your knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP, will not necessarily enable you start building websites. What makes you a Web developer is when you start applying your knowledge of these Web technologies. I have met people who claimed they understood HTML, CSS, JS and even PHP, yet they could not apply such knowledge. I noticed the problem was because they were not able to understand the relationship between each of the web technologies.

Of what use is it then? To learn HTML, CSS, JS and PHP all within one week and still not be able to sum up the knowledge and create something presentable! Most beginners want to become web developers just overnight, forgetting that no skill can be effectively learnt in a hurry. When they eventually become confused, they end up saying web development is hard to learn.

The truth is Web development is actually hard to learn, but not as hard as many beginners have made it seem; they want to learn everything in a hurry! Then they fail.


The key here is to not rush over things. A child will never learn to walk unless they have crawled; from crawling, the child learns how to get support in order to stand on their feet; from standing, the child learns to walk; from walking the child tries to run, he falls until he becomes strong to run.

That is how everything about learning works. Once you skip any of the normal processes in the course of learning anything, you will surely not do well. Follow these tips and see how you'll become very good at web development in no time:

1. First, start with the basics. Learn HTML first. Of course this is what the experts have always told you. Yes, learn HTML first. Pretend as if there is nothing else to learn about Web development. Create something with PURE HTML. Forget about designs. Just learn and practice HTML alone as if that was the only thing you'll ever need to learn.

2. Secondly, look at what you've created with pure HTML and accept the fact that you could improve it. Yes, you could make it better. But how? At this stage, assume that the "only" way to make it better is with CSS. Learn CSS! Practice it and apply the knowledge to your previous work on HTML. Now design your HTML pages to your taste using your new knowledge of CSS. Again pretend as if all you need to ever learn is HTML and CSS.

3. Thirdly, learn Javascript. Apply your new knowledge of Javascript to your previous HTML and CSS web pages. But don't rush! Again, while learning Javascript, pretend as if HTML, CSS and Javascript are the only three tools you'll ever need.

Fourthly, follow the exact same steps for any new thing you'll ever want to learn as it regards web development. But note that there must be some kind of connect between the previous skill you've learnt and the new one you'd like to learn. For example, HTML goes with CSS or Javascript; PHP goes with SQL, etc. So you can't really learn HTML first and then follow it up with SQL. No!

That's it my friend.

If you are new to Web development and you found this post helpful, I welcome you!

For just a little fee, you can get more tips from me that will help you learn Web development in a much faster way. Just in case you'll need my assistance, you can reach me on Whatsapp with 0905 5589 180. Good luck!
Always try not to spend tomorrow regretting what you should have done today! Smile
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The other problem I see is that, people do not know that these technologies goes beyond creating websites.. As of 2019 what you can achieve using HTML, CSS and Javascript can't be compared to before.. With modern APIs you can build anything.. Node.js, PWA Apps, APIs such as (Streams, WebGL, WebAudio......etc..) has really changed the look of Javascript..
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Super nice tips @Laive
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Great! I learnt them but moved to WordPress and using Adobe Dreamweaver for quicker stuffs. The basics are necessary, I think I am lazy to put my brains to work. You can't be an expert in one day/month. Expertise takes time.
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