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What Are The Main Things For Starting A Successful Company?
Share with your experience please, I'm preparing for starting my own during next year.
The right start up team is first and important
It's not an easy thing at all. Together with my friend we started an organic food company several years ago and even now
we still have much to develop. Can't say that our company became very profitable but we didn't fail during the first years like it often
happens in case of many startups and in my opinion it's a great success too Shy

From our experience I can say that the most important things are:

- finding your sphere with not a too great general competition

- having an interesting idea for startup and well-made business plan at least for several first years

- creating a good, qualified work team

- creating a good management/control system

- using various tech innovations in your work
- developing a network for your customers and business partners

- qualified advertising

These are the main things for every type of business but of course depending on a certain company they can vary. Also you should be really patient, hardworking and love what you're planning to do .
The first thing to do when You want to start up your business is to first draft out your BUSINESS PLAN, your CASH FLOW RECORDS.. the both will always keep you in line.. 
CEO @ QQ Coded

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