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Why You Should Learn How To Program
Welcome back to our 'Programming 101' series, today i will be discussing with you on a basic topic that should have been our first discussion on this series . Why learn Programming? I know you must have asked your self that question, today i will be showing you some reasons why you should learn programming.

[Image: %255BUNSET%255D.jpg]

Why You Should Learn Programming - Apart from the passion of being a programmer and the fun part of programming,being a programmer comes with a whole lot of benefits .
Here are some reasons you should be a programmer;

1. There Is Accomplishment In Being A Programmer - As a programmer, there is that feeling of accomplishment you get when ever you are successfully done with a project no matter how small it might be.

2. You Can Have Another Job Aside Programming - Programming can be a full-time job but one can easily handle another job aside Programming.

3. You Can Earn Extra Income Aside Your Job - Aside your paid-job, you can also earn extra income from programming.

4. Programming Is Fun, Fulfilling And Can Also Be A Hubby - You single-handedly code a game or created an app and the number of downloads is overwhelming , you receive tons of emails congratulating and thanking you for such a wonderful and handy app,that's what i called Fulfillment.

5. You Can Work Anywhere, Anytime As A Programmer - you don't need that office with the most luxury to work as a programmer, you can work anywhere and anytime so far you deliver.

6. You Are Your Boss - You are also the boss expect you are working as a group or a team where you may have a team leader or group captain .

7. You Become A Wide Thinker - You are expected to always think outside the box as a programmer, you think and come up with solutions easily even on matters not relating to Programming.

8. Problems Are Easily Solved - Problems encountered by programmer are most of the time the same to the problems we come across....
Read Full Article - Abtech Blog - Why Learn Programming

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I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
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Nice one bro Smile
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(09-11-2017, 03:22 PM)Eddykul Wrote:
Nice one bro Smile

I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
Excelent write up bro. Big Grin
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If not for any other reason, then number 7 should should be enough reason to learn programming. Thank you for sharing this. Smile
Always try not to spend tomorrow regretting what you should have done today! Smile

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