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Why You Should Learn Python As Your First Programming Language
So, you're a beginner? [Image: 110a9ddfb0e33231bdaff587a167eab1.jpg] you want to start learning a programming language right away and there seems to be lots of them, you don't know which to start with? I've got you covered. I suggest you start learning python right away, still got some doubts why at all you should learn python? Then read on as I list the core reasons why python is beginner friendly. Smile

Python Is Easy To Learn
Yeah, you just heard that right! Python is very easy to learn and as a beginner you want a programming language that will be more easy to read and grab at a faster rate, python is the best that I can suggest for you, it uses normal syntax like a simple english language which enhances readability and it also means you write less codes to achieve more.

It Develops You For Other Programming Languages
Python is an interesting language and it uses almost every syntax with every other programming language, which means if you can start learning it moving on to other languages will be much easier as you will get used to every syntax around python, you just apply the same logic with some little tweaking and you're good to go.
A for loop in python:
[Image: python-loop-example-screenshot.jpg]

A while loop in PYTHON:
[Image: python-while-loop-example-screenshot.jpg]

A while loop in PHP:
[Image: php-while-loop-example-screenshot.jpg]

Python Makes You Write More Clean Codes
If you are disciplined on writing clean codes from your first programming language then it's certain you will apply the principle to every other language you're writing, python required it's code to be highly indented, so the code you can write on a straight line with javascript might not execute on python if you're to write it the same way.

Python is really an awesome language and I will recommend I have always recommended it for my students and trust me it does the magic!
It takes so long to learn simplicity.

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