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7 Things Facebook Is Stealing From You
Facebook has not been totally sincere with us. This was a shocker for me as much as it will be for many. Most of the users including me uncannily signed up on the platform without prior knowledge of what we were getting themselves into. I actually discovered late and I’m certainly making amends duly.

I used to be one of the greatest lover of the social media platform, until some other users took over my position. I joined Facebook in 2010 and tailored my friend list to about 4,800. I wanted a little tolerance should in case I met new friends. It has always been fun for me until I recently discovered that the following have been stolen from us by the social media giant.

1. Privacy
Facebook and the entire social media has made us lose the importance of privacy. These days it’s very easy to track someone down.

Months ago, Facebook introduced a featured called “Friends Nearby”. A user need to turn on the phone’s GPS for it to work. It means that whenever you enter a locality, ALL your friends who has that feature turned on will know you’re there.

This is the height is self orchestrated privacy invasion. Data about your frequently visited locations can always be accessed by Facebook when needed. Your favourite restaurants, hotels, gyms and the likes are no longer secrets.

A lot of users especially the females, post all their day to day activities on their timelines. You can actually know when a user bought her first car, when her cat died, when the fiancée proposed, when they broke up, what led to the break up, when she was arrested for drunk driving and all sorts of personal details.

350 million photos are uploaded on Facebook daily. Those pictures are the records of our private lives with family and loved ones.

We are making our entire lives bare on the internet. And guess what, they never get deleted. Even after pressing the delete button, someone still has copies. I suggest you take out time to read Facebook’s Privacy Policy. You’ll be shocked.

2. Time
Facebook has been designed to be very interactive and addictive. On regular basis, new features are introduced to ensure that users get glued on the screen each time they opened the website or mobile app.

An average user spends 75 minutes on Facebook daily. But some people are quite above average.

Such people literally leave their Facebook and Messenger app running all day. They end up spending as much as 2 – 4 hours on Facebook daily.

The addiction is more among users between the ages of 18 and 24. 50% of them go to Facebook immediately they wake up. It is now a part and parcel of their lives.

Employers and Employees can’t stay a day without visiting Facebook. While I was interning at an ICT consultancy, I caused a uproar in an organization when I mistakenly blacklisted Facebook on their network.

Even the most serious employees were on my neck as though I committed a very serious crime. It shows how rooted they are in Facebook in spite of their busy schedules.

3. Family
A lot of users are currently suffering from the “Social Media Addiction Syndrome”. If you can stay one week without using and social media site or app, then you’re safe.

Facebook users are gradually losing touch of family intimacy. The social media is a responsive virtual community. It has its own intelligence which positions the right stuff to each user. The idea is to keep every user engrossed.

A great percentage of users have reduced the time they spend communicating with their immediate family.

This time has been diverted towards sharing, viewing, liking & commenting on posts. Others are always very thrilled when they chat with new friends on the platform. The ladies love it when they get pinged by random guys.

These days, parents rush bedtime stories with their kids so as to go back to their exciting chats. Youths can miss the holiday camp with family and won’t bother because they’ve got some virtual friends who will always keep them company.

Follow this link to read more

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only no 1 na make small sense.

no 2 and 3 are trash.

your addiction caused it
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There is just one thing people fail to understand - that matter how safe you play, provided you have a single bit of data online, you still remain vulnerable on the net.

Ever watched any of the DEFCON conferences, you will know that even you smartphone turned off with the entire particles removed is still vulnerable to attacks.
Strong valid points you've given here.
And your manner of approach to this matter is wow!
After reading this, I found myself guilty.
However, I have decided to make amends where necessary. Thanks for this great article!
Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you'll never grow!

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