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ALERT: 5 Reasons Unilorin Is The Most Preferred Tertiary Institution In Nigeria
For four years, the University of Ilorin has been the number one preferred choice for so many admission seeking candidates back to back.

#UNILORIN, which was established in 1975 as one of the second generation tertiary institutions in Nigeria has become so popular among admission seekers so much that over 100,000 candidates seek admission into the school every year.

One may say this feat is one of the reasons why the university prides itself as being better by far.

However, an international magazine, Economic Confidential, seems to know more about the school and in its 2016 reports, it highlights five reasons, UNILORIN is Nigeria's most preferred university. Here are the five points.

1. Academic stability

Government-owned universities in Nigeria are notorious for going on strike. This usually disrupts the schools' calendars and their academic activities. However, this is not the case for UNILORIN as University has not gone on strike since 2001.

2. Popularity
UNILORIN for four years, the University of Ilorin has consistently remained the most preferred school by admission seekers. In the 2017 Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Exam, the institution had the highest applications with 104,038 student-applicants out of the 1,212,818 total applicants seeking admissions into the 40 federal universities in Nigeria.

3. Affordability
In a country where state and Federal Government Universities charge as high as N100,000, for tuition fees, UNILORIN students pay less than N25,000 for tuition.

4. Available facilities
5 reasons UNILORIN is the most preferred tertiary institution in
As an institution that is committed to building champions, the University of Ilorin also boasts of fine and modern facilities to its credit.

5. Quality of lecturers
According to Economic Confidential, the quality of lecturers at the University of Ilorin is one of the checklists admission seekers considered in making the university their first choice institution.


@laive,@deelino,@dealwap,@eddykul,@hackinubee,@cavdy,@dynamo,@you are this reasons valid?
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You speak the truth bro
Number #1 got me like seriously?.... That is amazing... 

If i really want to go to uni, i will definitely apply but i am too deep into programming, so i can't leave my programming school.......
(05-02-2018, 12:56 AM)Cavdy Wrote:
Number #1 got me like seriously?.... That is amazing... 

If i really want to go to uni, i will definitely apply but i am too deep into programming, so i can't leave my programming school.......

Whats the name of the school...

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