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ALERT: Educational Website Is Up For Sale
Thank you for your interest in buying this
This website ( has been
up and running for over 10 months now.

REASON FOR SELLING? As an administrator,
have little to No time updating the site on
daily basis due to several works in hand….
Wouldn't like to keep aspirants and students
out there deformed as a result am willing to
sell this website to anyone willing to buy!

Interested buyers should use the contact
information below!
CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP: – +2348060734273
(Quick Response)

E-MAIL : –

Or use the CONTACT US BUTTON on the

In your website u put 250k and u put 150k here, correct that soon...

Instead of putting negotiable, why not reduce the price more?

150K for this recession period no be small money ooo
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
@Aphatheology, thanks for your insight,it has been a matter of fact,am willing to give the site to the highest bidder, not minding the price!
If you are to give it out to the highest bidder, setting the maximum prize to 150K will not even let people to bid at all...

And another option to selling it is to find people to work on it while you are still the owner...
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
interested buyers should just contact me
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