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ALERT: Is BLOGGER Or BLOGSPOT A Free Host With No Limit?
Is Blogger or blogspot a freehost with no limit?

Kinda perplexed.
Below are some limitations on blogger:

Number of Blogs:

You can create 100 different blogs per account. However, in case the limit getsexceeded then Google authorities have the right to not only disable your account but also restrict your access toyour blogs. Therefore, always keep in mind that your blog lists does not exceed the 100 mark.

Number of Posts:

Fortunately, there are no such limits for the number of posts. You can create unlimited posts with unlimited content. All the posts would be saved into your account, and they will be there until or unless you deleted them manually.

In case you unwantedly delete the posts, then they can be recovered through Google History Cache. Size of Pages: Separate pages (the main page of your site, the archive pages and the post pages) are limited to 1 MB in size. This will allow you to add hindered pages of text. However, if you list 100 posts on either home or achieve pages then it might exceed the size limit, and it would display an error message such as, "006 please contact Blogger Support”. You can get rid of this error by decreasing the number of posts on your main page.

Account Suspension:

Blogger has some strict rules and regulations.

They suspend a site or even your whole account if it is suspected that you are violating their any terms of service. Once, the site getssuspended then there is hardly any chance ofrecovering it back. does not send notifications before banning an account, it means there is no warning for the website owner. Once the blog gets suspended the domain would be on hold, and no one can use the same domain again.

Number of Comments:
There are no such limits in the number of comments. A Post can have unlimited comments. It depends on you whether you show the comments or hide them from your posts, but the pre-existing comments would be remained saved in your account. You can enable the comments anytime you like.

Size of Pictures:

There is no size limit of a single picture. However, if you are uploading a picture through your mobile or smartphones then it should not bigger than 250K per picture. Remember: 1 Blog has 1 Gigabyte of FREE image hosting. Length or Size of Posts:There are no such limitations for the length of the individual posts. However, if your posts are too long then they might exceed the page Size Limits (See the next point to elaborate the size limitations).Number of Stand-Alone Pages:You can only create 20 Stand-Alone pages per blog.

Storage Limit of Pictures:

The storage limit for pictures is 1 GB (Gigabytes), which are linked to your Picasa account. Even if you delete themfrom your pages it would be still available on your Picasa

Account.Number of Labels:

You can create 5000 unique labels per blog and can use 20 unique labels per post. Team Members:You can add up to 100 members per blog.
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
Just wah i needed to knw, thanks.
wow! nice one @dealwap

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