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ALERT: Top 11 Safest Countries In Africa
Here are the top 11 safest countries in Africa
according to IEP's Global Peace Index. Africa is the
second largest continent in the world behind Asia in
terms of population, with the population of over 1.1
billion people. Most foreign media gives the
impression that African countries are not safe and
prone to frequent crisis. The truth is though there
are some war-zones in the continent it is not as
many as the press makes us believe. There happens
to be more peaceful countries and safe places in
Africa than the violent areas. Below are the top 11
safest countries in Africa.

• Angola: This rich oil-producing country located in
Southern Africa is one of the most peace-loving
countries in Africa. Angola is not just among the
safest countries in Africa buh also one of the most
developed African countries.

• Zambia: This is a democratic country which has
very peaceful people and developing at a steady
rapid rate. Zambia has some of the best urban areas
in the continent.

• Namibia: This Southern African nation has dealt
with and overcome most issues that lead to conflicts
in Africa. There is little political tension as
politicians in the country have decided to work
together to promote peace. Good governance has
been a major factor that has helped the county in
attaining peace for years now.

• Lesotho: This small country is located in Southern
Africa and has not widespread violence for a very
long time now.

• Morocco: This country is ruled by a King and is the
only North African country not to be affected by the
Arab uprising. Morocco is the most peaceful North
African and is a very nice location for vacations and
tourism. Morocco's peaceful state is mainly due to
good governance, economic and political policies.
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