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Adding Online Currency Converter To Your Wapka Site
The currency converter allow your site users to convert currency of over 70 countries This tool is good especially for those who run affiliate websites or make sales it will be good they use the currency converter online free tool this will allow foreigners know the price of your product in there on own currency so they won't come and be asking you questions like how much is your price in there own country.
[Image: IMG_20160626_075411.jpg]

To add this currency converter to your wapka site all you have to do is login your wapka site and click on edit site then select pages and create a new wapka site.

You can name your page according to the page content for the favour of search optimisation e.g
Online currency Converter After creating your page click on edit site from the page you just created and select WML/HTML section and paste the bellow code then save your settings and preview your page

Wapka Currency Converter code

Now your currency converter has been successfully set. You can also make use of this currency converter offline for your personal use by downloading it on your android mobile Download Currency converter pro.apk

team work from

I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
@Clickmaster Click Hacklord

pls help us edit the code to
[textarea*]just like this[*/textarea]

because it is going to be simple for us to copy

thank you sir
@Badooskid - Done!
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
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