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Do You Know Email Was Invented By A 14-year-old Indian Boy 32 Years Ago?
It is only few who know that it was

VA Shiva Ayyadurai who invented this awesome technology an it is now 33 years since the electronic mail was invented.

VA Shiva Ayyadurai, a14-year-old Indian-American boy, who allowed us to communicate with others in a matter of seconds.

While the rest of the children were studying in their schools, Ayyadurai was designing a large-scale emulation of the e-mail system that he called E-mail.

And not only that, since this system was a great success when playing functions such as inbox, folders, memos and an address book.

Elements that have now become an integral part of the way we transmit and save messages online.

On August 30, 1982, the United States government officially recognized him as the inventor of the e-mail, rewarding himwith the first American copyright that was sent by e-mail.

"We hope his name will become better known and honored for such a discovery"••••>>>CYBERLORD.

Despite his discovery, Ayyadurai still does not receive great recognition,since not many recognizehis name. Let’s thankthis man,now 52 years old, for this greatinvention since email has changed our lives and the way we communicate.

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Nice post.

Just knowing this now...
Posting From
Hmmm, are you for real? 13yr old?

Well, first thing on my mind seeing this post was that the 13yr old kid is never going be a Nigerian Big Grin
Wow.. 9ice info
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(02-18-2018, 06:20 AM)Trillionclues Wrote:
Hmmm, are you for real? 13yr old?

Well, first thing on my mind seeing this post was that the 13yr old kid is never going be a Nigerian Big Grin

for your mind you think say you be Nigerian Big Grin
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9ice discovery.
Spruce owner of webforum
(02-18-2018, 11:40 AM)Spruce Wrote:
9ice discovery.

His picture...the PASCAL source code in background.

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(02-19-2018, 04:23 AM)Horlahcoded Wrote:
His picture...the PASCAL source code in background.

hmm drop comment at
(02-19-2018, 04:56 AM)Cyberlordh Wrote:
hmm drop comment at

why? am not hearing this for the first time and i know him well.

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