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Education: Nct See Top Secrets Of Becoming Intelligent In School
Just last week, while I was discussing with a secondary school student, he complained to me saying that nature could be sometimes bias. At first, I didn't understood what he was trying to say, but as he went further, it became clear to me that he was one of those students who have very low self-esteem because he was not intelligent.
This to a very large extent, was what prompted me to put down this article. But before then, I want to let everyone, be it a student or an individual, to know that there is no body created with defects. Everyone on earth has something unique in him or her. It is only left to you to unveil or cover your uniqueness. Intelligence is not something that is selectively sheared. It is something found in every human being. The only difference between a person who is intelligent and another who seems not to be, is how far they have gone in unveiling/utilizing their intelligence.

Today, I will disclose the top secrets on how you can become intelligent. This is going to be in two sections. The first section is to prepare you for the task, and in the second section, I will discuss the pragmatic aspect of becoming intelligent.


Like I said before, this section is to prepare your mind and to equip you with the enthusiasm for becoming intelligent. Below are some prerequisites things that will help prepare your mind for the task.


If you really want to be intelligent, then you must know yourself. You will never be intelligent by replicating or mimicking another person's style of life because, the two of you are totally different. Your uniqueness and nature is different from that of that person. This is why you should know yourself. Try to know the time you enjoy reading. Try to know the subject you do best, and the ones you always have a problem with. Students, often make the mistake of doing what other people do to be like them. But believe me, you can never be like another person no matter how you try. You can only be yourself. So to discover your uniqueness and unveil or utilize your intelligence, you must understand yourself. This it the first secret to becoming intelligent.


Perseverance is being steadfast and working relentlessly. Believe me, there is no intelligent person on earth who don't work hard. There is a proverbial saying that states "Hardworking works more effective than talent when talent is not hardworking". By this I mean even people who are already intelligent must work hard to maintain their excellence. So the decision to becoming intelligent is a one that demands perseverance and hardworking.


Another essential decision you must take is to be determined. Promise to put in your best to achieve this goal. Yes, you must find it frustrating at some point, but never give up. Even if you may need to desert from some kinds of friends, then you should do so. Promise yourself to start working hard, and to become intelligent. Actually, there is nothing too difficult or special about being intelligent, it only has to do with some few tips which I will explicitly typify in the next section.


Having discussed the most essential tips to get you prepared in the first section, i will now list and discuss the pragmatic side of being intelligent.


Prepare a reading time table for your
Before anything. Make sure that your table is very much encompassing, I.e it should contains every essential text you need to read, and even give you a time of respite. Some students think it is not important to prepare a reading table, but this is only a fallacy. Time table does not just help you manage your time, it makes it incumbent on you read and fills up your mind with trouble when you fail to read. So, if you don't have a time table, start preparing one now.


This is the core reason why I recommended the preparation of a reading table. You must learn to abide by your time table by reading as scheduled and voraciously too. When ever you read, read as if you are writing an examination the next day. Students always say "they can't kill themselves because of books", but the truth is that reading cannot kill anyone. They only use this as a pretext for not reading. If you must be intelligent, then you must never overrule the importance of reading. And like I said, not just reading, but reading voraciously.
Read in order to be knowledgeable
Many students often make the mistake of reading very well, but at the same time, reading for the wrong reason. During my secondary school days, there was this friend of mine who reads very well just to make me fell inferior. He will read and will come to me to ask as intimidating questions. But one surprising thing is that this guy never made better grades than I do. Isn't that ironic?
I didn't tell this story to make you laugh, but to let you know that, it is possible to be reading for the wrong reasons. E.g reading to make your friends fell inferior, reading to outclass others or reading to prove your self intelligent. All these motive of reading are wrong if you really want to become intelligent. The only motive you must have in mind when reading, is to be knowledgeable.


Do you think when people say "All work without play makes Jack a dull boy" they where only joking? Of course they were not joking. When you read too much, you may likely become so overwhelmed that you even hot your brain. So, while you read, create a time to rest. But, it is also important to know that this should only be for a short period of time. I did not say because "All work without play makes Jack a dull boy", you shouldn't read hard. No, you should read very hard, but at the same time, make sure you have at least 1hour time of respite.


Another secret that can help you unveil or find that intelligence in you, is forming a reading group with peers. But note that this does not work for everybody. While some students learn very well while they discuss in their reading groups, some will find is very outrageous and nauseating. That is why i talked about knowing and understanding yourself. So, if you don't find this point tentative then you can let go, and if you find it tentative, you can subscribe to it.


This is another prerequisite for becoming intelligent. A mentor here, can be your mother, father, teacher or even an elder brother/sister. Apparently, if you have not been reading before and you just started, you will definitely find it debilitating at some point. It is only this mentor of yours, that will call you to order, when you go astray. Meanwhile, anyone you choose as a mentor must be of good personality.

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