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FUN: Turn To Facebook Master With This Awesome Magic Facebook Trick Code
Gud pm my people its has being a while, here today I will be sharing some Facebook magic you can be using to tease your friends on Facebook. by this awesome code you become a gurus overnight lolz just kidding

here we go

Note - this code can only be use when you are commenting on ur friend post, just copy the code paste it on comment box then removes/ delete the + sign

1. you wanna day display Tom&Jerry


2. in a sunny afternoon you wanna greet your love one in his/her post good afternoon


3. you want to stun your friend with percent loading greetings


4. you wanna greet in her India way


5. Send various icons


6. good afternoon


7. What is this? 3D or what


8. Send scorpion


9. 2 in 1 love slant messages



10. hmm!! huge rugby or what

@+[454532301269668:] rugby

11. you wanna confuse your friend


12. I like this one for the shy guys this one will help you in saying ( I love you)


13. send a huge flamboyant, beautiful ( i like you) try this


you like this?
pls share this with your friends, show some love by your comment and register with us as a member Thanks.
Nice info... Very helpful
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