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FUN: Why Are There So Many Internet Scammers From Lagos, Nigeria?
lets make this a discussion class, anyone should leave a comment about the topic above, lets know and share different thoughts..

This will be fun...

Lagos has been the melting pot of Nigeria for
such a long time that the city more readily
defines Nigeria than any others in the country.

Because Nigeria as a country was founded in
deceit, first by the British, and later by an ill-
baked political class, patriotism is low. If you add the repositioning of the federal system of governance in such a way that almost all revenue went to a central purse in a low nationalistic polity, supervised for so long
by a largely uneducated military adventurists
into power, the rise of high scale corruption, lack of the rule of law, administrative impunity as a culture, and reckless appointments into political positions, the stage was set to breed a generation of scammers in unrivalled numbers.

This has been wittingly or otherwise schooled into the people. Scamming is taught in every facet of life of the lagosian. From cradle to grave.

@hackinubee @dealwap @egbune @sunny
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  • Egbune
Because Lagos is a city Sad
(02-24-2018, 10:37 AM)Egbune Wrote:
Because Lagos is a city Sad

see reply, shayo master
The over-population there is a key factor!
They are too much, for them not to have bad eggs among them is impossible!
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
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  • Cyberlordh
they are lazy.They don't wanna struggle @Aphatheology

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