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HELP: This Is Very Urgent I Need U Guyz Help.
i just shoot a comedy video and the file size is 270 mb and the lenght is 4 minutes please how can i reduce the file size of a video
@Dealwap @Hackinubee
hope my post reaches homepage
that's high quality bro

reduction in size will reduce quality too
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Maybe u shoot in HD
Trying to keep my head about water

just to stay up flow.

Do you shoot comedy with ya phone coz it should be up to dat 270 mb and the lenght is 4 minutes
Is nt abt been cute and having swags , d question is "u get sense"?? Cool
Use a video compressor for that. U can get as many as u need from google play store
use "any video converter" its d best allows yu to choose d mobile type or screen size yu need
i believe in the law of #nature
You could use a video converter or just zip the video
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