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How To Create New Facebook Account With The Same Number
How to create new facebook account with the same number or how to create multiple facebook account with the same phone number. is what you probably have been trying to do for some time but it may seem difficult or trickish on how you couldn't accomplish this This may have some disadvantage because whenever you try to lo gin facebook could get confused so I'd advise you to use email or facebook default username to login.

Facebook default username looks like this:

To get your facebook default username go to your profile, and click on About.

using it to logging just input John.braino.779 in the box that ask for email and phone number then input your password and it'll be good to go..

There are some reason you want to do this maybe because you really don't want to purchase a new sim card or all your contacts are on the one you are currently using and you are lazy to start copying them into the new simcard for facebook to synchronise with the new account, So you'd lazily find a way to just make it possible. i know the reason for creating another account is best known to you. But also note that facebook is very sensitive and my Frost & Lock you out of the account if they find anything suspicious within it and put you on a security check. for a really Long Tiiiiiimmmmeee.

so back to main topic.

See full tutorial here:
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team

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