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How To Use Pc Or Laptop To Control Your Android Smartphone
How to Use PC or Laptop to
control your Android
May be you forget to bring your
Android phone when you are in
a hurry for office; or you just
throw your phone somewhere
after work etc. We often run
into this kind of situation and
suddenly it comes to our mind
where my fucking Android
phone is, I would like to check if
I miss some alerts. As you know
thousands of apps at Google
Play Store, you may not find
there is such an app you can
use to control your Android
phone on your PC browser. But
there is, luckily we found it.
AirDroid is an Android app that
allows you to control your
device remotely from your
computer. It amin to help
Android smartphone user to
transfer files between Android
devices and computers. Now it
adds new features like drag &
drop support. You can also cut,
copy, paste, search, rename or
delete files on the SD card. Here
below is a list of its detailed
features. These things can be all
done on your PC browser:.........Click below link to see the features and get the app.
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